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No more Limerick Law

Hi. I'm Dave Candage and I'm running for Limerick Selectman

I've been attending the Selectmen's meetings for quite a while now and have noticed some things. I don’t see the type of thing going on in national politics where it seems like everyone wants to control the world and male millions of dollars. What I see is a lack of standards concerning how things should be done. One person has to do this and another doesn’t. Things get overlooked. “Oh, let’s just move forward”. Fine. Let’s move forward by fixing these issues. There needs to be policies concerning how everything should be handled. In detail. Everyone should be treated the same.

I would prefer to keep the State and lawyers out of town doings if at all possible. I know it won’t always be possible to do so, but I’d prefer to work out our issues locally until it’s just not possible anymore.

I’d like to see businesses flock to Limerick. But for that to happen, a whole host of things would have to take place. It needs to be easy as hell to start or move a business here. No red tape. No insane zoning rules. You want to move your peanut butter and jelly sandwich factory here, no problem. We have a few rules (emphasis on few), and if you’re ok with that, you’re in. We have a business park (I’m on the committee and have never heard from anyone) that has had issues. Too much red tape for sure (some of it from the State, such as saving the purple striped zipper snail or whatever the bug du jour is). Some major reworking of that park needs to happen. And if it turns out that it’s not going to work as a park, then sell it off for whatever someone(s) wants to use it for. The town doesn’t need to own property it doesn’t need.

The water system needs to be fixed, the sidewalks and street lights uptown need to be dealt with, various contracts with the town need to be reviewed. There’s been talk of starting a Public Works department and bringing some of these contracts in house. Maybe that’s a good idea. Or maybe there needs to be a better system of contracting theses services out. Research.

I’m getting writer’s cramp (or typer’s cramp). I’d love to have your vote in March and a chance to make a difference.

Dave Candage

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